August 24, 2019

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About Us

This website is designed to connect the people and businesses of Detroit and all of Michigan with high quality Law Firms in Detroit. We act as a resource for Detroit consumers to learn more about the law by providing a publishing platform for law firms in Detroit and all of Michigan. The individuals and businesses who read these legal articles can then contact the Detroit Law Firm of the author attorney to learn more or seek representation.

We limit the number of law firms listed here to no more than five per practice area. Each firm is encouraged to post a profile describing their background, expertise and the legal services they offer for the benefit of the Detroit and Michigan consumers and businesses who may be interested in retaining the firm. is brought to you by And Justice For All. We are an international law firm publishing network, established with the goal of connecting those in need of legal services with the law firms and attorneys who can help them, worldwide, and to honor the concept underlying our name by making a firm commitment to giving back. To this end, we donate 10% of all of our profits to charity.