July 22, 2019

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Rear-End Collision Injury Claims

You’re driving along or stopped in traffic when all of a sudden you get hit from behind. At first you feel fine, but later on you notice twinges of pain. Your neck hurts. Your back hurts. You have headaches. You weren’t to blame for the accident, so … [Read More...]

Michigan Alcohol Laws

If you live in Michigan or were visiting the state and got arrested for an alcohol-related offense, you must contact a Michigan criminal defense attorney right away. You must know your rights, and you must understand the penalties you may face if … [Read More...]

Speed Limits are Faster and Fatalities are Increasing

Speed kills. That is one of the first things everyone is taught when they get behind the wheel for the first time to learn how to drive. Everyone knows that driving at a safe speed is important. The government even sets speed limits to ensure that we … [Read More...]